Well it’s another weekend!! An you ask what do your chef have in store for this weekend.. Maine Surf and turf and a Southern Surf and Turf.. check it out, so come in and enjoy some good fixen

Hello another weekend is coming up, and not only is it going to be spring weather here in Spirit Lake, Idaho. But we have some great specials going on... So come up to the White Horse Saloon, Hotel, Steak and Smokehouse in Spirit Lake

Here comes the weekend!!!! Check out what Chef Ted has in store for you!!! Friday: Famous Smoked Pecan Prime Rib $19.95 . Main Surf & Turf ~ NY Strip Steak cooked to your preferred temp and served with a grilled lobster tail for $24.95 . Southern Surf & Turf ~ Seasoned Ribeye cooke to your preferred temp and served with a Louisiana breaded fried Catfish $24.95 . Seasoned Ribeye 15oz $19.95 . T-Bone 15oz $21.95 . Southern Fried Catfish Dinner - Louisiana cornmeal breading, southern flavors, then fried up tasty! $12.95 . 1/2 Brick Grilled Chicken cooked on our char-broiler $14.95 . Lunch sides will be Fries, Corn, Toast Dinner sides - Baked potato, Brussel Sprouts, Parmesan Toast #SpritlakeIdaho #SpiritLakedinner #Spiritlakemusic

It’s Friday!!! Chef Ted will be cooking his Famous Pecan Smoked Prime Rib, Hand Cut Ribeyes, Baked potatoes,corn on the cob and Parmesan Toast! Delish!!!!! #spiritlakeIdaho #ig_idaho #ig_idahome #northwestfoodie #primeribidaho

Ok, tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Have any big plans? Come have breakfast with us! Stuffed French Toast, Steak and Egg Skillet, Bottomless Mimosas! We got your morning covered! . . #spiritlakeidaho #whitehorsesaloon #spiritlake #idahosaloon #breakfastinspiritlake

Saturday Night at the White Horse! We've got the talented Conor Yarbrough singing from 6-8 pm! We also have our meatloaf special, served with green beans, mashed potatoes and parmesan toast! Don't forget we've got cocktails and beer to make everything great! . . #spiritlakeidaho #spiritlake #whitehorsesaloon #whitehorsesaloonspiritlake #spiritlakerestaurants #steaks #Bestprimeribinspiritlake

We'd like to meat your expectations! Come enjoy some prime rib, with Baked Potato, Green Beans, Parmesan toast, live music, and a beer or cocktail from the Saloon! We have Kody Taylor from 6-8 and Prime Rib starting at 5 pm! Come and get it! . . #primeribfriday #whitehorsesaloon #whitehorsesaloonspiritlake #spiritlakeidaho #spiritlakerestaurants

Don't forget we have the Best Prime Rib in Spirit Lake! This Friday is Prime Rib night starting at 5 pm! We'll also have the talented Kody Taylor Singing from 6-8 pm! . . Come get out of the cold and warm up with some great food, drink and live music! #primerib #steakhouse #Spiritlakeidaho #spiritlakerestaurant #Spiritlakefood #PNWFood #BBQ #Worldfamousprimerib

We know the weather is going to be a little chilly this weekend but we are ready for you! Prime Rib, Ribeye's, Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potatoes, French Green Beans, Parmesan Grilled Toast! LIVE MUSIC! Both Friday and Saturday Night! We can't wait! . . #SpiritLakeIdaho #Spiritlakerestaurants #Spiritlakefood #SteaksinNorthIdaho #SpiritLakeSteakhouse #WhiteHorseSaloon #LiveMusic #PNWFoodie #Saloons #PNWSaloon

Ok so had a Customer come in today, said I like a breakfast sandwich. But want French Toast also, what can you do.. well as a chef I love a challenge, so this is now on our Brunch menu!! It will be called the  Spirit Lake crisco. So thick French toast, with swiss slice cheese, sausage patty, 2 strips of bacon, over medium egg, and a blueberry sauce.. So if you have not been to the White Horse Saloon, Hotel, and Grill in Spirit Lake, Idaho.. for dinner or Brunch on Saturday and Sunday.. come down and see us

How does this Chef throw down on breakfast!! Well here at the White Horse Saloon, Hotel and Grill Here is our Version of steak and eggs, O’Brien potatoes topped with cheese, eggs cooked the way you like them, 8 ounce ribeye cooked to order, with your choice of, Toast, homemade biscuit, or pancake.. Served in a cast iron skillet