Well Mother’s Day Is fast approaching us on May 9th, and you want to know what Chef Ted doing at the White Horse Saloon, Hotel and Steak and Smokehouse in Spirit Lake Idaho!! We are doing a Mother’s Day Brunch that starts at 9am!! So take a drive out and enjoy a day with mom enjoying a great breakfast!! Here is our menu!! Mother’s Day Brunch menu Meals will be served with cheese hash browns, and sweet cooks apples 1. 2 Egg Breakfast.. choice of Bacon or sausage 2. 2 Egg Breakfast Skillet.. choice of Bacon or Sausage 3. Petite steak and eggs 4. Eggs Benedict 5. Ham and cheese omelette 6. Veggie omelette 7. Biscuits and gravy While you wait for your breakfast, we will have a Continental breakfast bar to munch on while you wait for your breakfast . With Fresh Fruit, pastries , mini muffins, and mini quiches.. An did I tell you all Mother’s get one free Mamosa!!! 

Ok another weekend and I am back from a vacation, and ready to start smoking out meats again.. Here at the White Horse Saloon, Hotel, Steak And Smokehouse in Beautiful Spirit Lake Idaho... its Prime Rib Friday, yes we have even more Pecan Maple Smoked Prime Rib. Also we have out Ribeyes and Southern fried Catfish.. so take a drive to Beautiful Spirit Lake Idaho.. come enjoy some Smokehouse food 

Ok so Here at the White Horse Saloon, Hotel, Steak And Smokehouse I been serving Bone in and bone out Ribeyes. So there a debate going on.. What taste better, Ribeyes with bone in or Ribeyes bone out.. so I am deciding which one to carry all the time, so tell me if you are team Bone in or Team Bone out

North Idaho Life Supper Club - White Horse Grill Spirit Lake

North Idaho Life Social Supper Club - White Horse Grill & Steakhouse

Ok everyone we are having a special event dinner, where you will get to meet our chef. Hear history and stories about the White Horse, As Chef Ted feeds you with a 5 course meal, if you been waiting to try the all new restaurant here your chance. An if you have been and enjoying the food but want to get to know chef more and the stories of the White Horse. Come join us for this event!!

Hey everyone! We wanted to let you all know that in order for us to serve food in our establishment we have to be smoke free. We want to continue serving you great food so starting today we’re smoke free! We can have all ages join us they just have to be 21 in order to sit at the bar. We hope you all understand. We love you all and thank you so so much for all your support!

Ok I like all who entered the contest, we drew the winner for the White Horse is Janet Cartensen Pulls congratulations Please message me to claim you 25 gift certificate for White Horse Restaurant..

Did someone say they wanted to try out Brisket Burger, it is 1/3 pound hamburger pattie, our slow smoked brisket, our in house White Horse BBQ sauce, some onion straws made on a brioche bun.. Drop the mic 🎤 

As most of you know, for the first 4 months of taking over the White Horse back in September. I pretty much have cooked my heart out and built this kitchen almost on my own. But with all your great support, which was more than I expected. An I want to thank you all, you have help me make the White Horse Saloon, Hotel, Steak and Smokehouse truly Great Again!! Well with this success I had to hire and train a kitchen crew, over the last months. They have learned to cook and make our recipes, and as of today they have earned there White Horse Chef Coats. I like to introduce you to them, and this will be our Summer of 2021 cooking crew. 1. Is your one and only Chef and Pit Boss Ted 2. Now my 2nd in charge is Mama Bear Anna 3. The man of the grill . Grill Master BK 4. Then my heavy hitter on the Fryer and flat top King Fryer Toma Please come see us at the White Horse, an let us feed you..

Ok everyone let’s see what I have planned for Friday and Saturday specials, don’t forget that Friday is Pecan and Maple Prime Rib, then our seasoned Ribeyes snd Tbones, but check out theses St. Louis ribs